Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Theoretically, women hair transplantation is same as men hair transplantation ,however they are differentiated in reality.

Firstly, for a woman patient, hair loss causes should be determined and hair loss are should be examined.

If a lady has similar man pattern hair loss, then implantation will be easier than other hair loss types.

In general, if a lady losing her hairs from front line or hair loss was in one particular region of the head, then, success rate increases. Implanting hair is harvested from the donor (back of the head) from ear to ear.

If a woman patient has alopecia totalis type, she may not be eligible for FUE.

First consultation is made by examining the photos by our specialists. If a woman patient is eligible, shaving can be done partially.

In the donor region, some part of the head are shaved and then the shaved area will be hiding by native existing hairs.

In this case, the patient can continue her daily life without sign of extraction the donor area. This type of surgery can be applied for those whose hair loss sparsely or in the front area very successfully.

For which hair loss type woman can get hair transplantation

  1. Many type hair loss
  2. Regional hair loss
  3. over deficient area in the head


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