Why HT Clinic

High tech tools in FUE Technique, used in an exclusive procedure during our operations. Improved implanter pen technology provide us transplanting grafts without harming any native hair roots and achieved the possibility of “no-shave transplantation”.

Achieved 5000 grafts: Thanks to experience personnel and excellent teamwork;

In a session (2 days) we can be able to achieve opx.5000 grafts from donor from between two ears

In a session (1 day) we can be able to achieve opx.5000 grafts from donor and body hair so patient who has wide bald area doesn’t need to come for transplant again and again.

- Earning Time: One of the reason that we consider is operation time therefore our team consists 1 assistant and 5 nurses also with using choi implanter pen technique is faster than other techniques according to this grafts are not exposure from the atmosphere and they won’t die while waiting for implantation.

In addition for protection of grafts we provide hypotermosol solution which is use for organ transplantation instead of using saline solution

Hair Line Organization

Your hair line designing by our spiecialist

- Operation planning and hairline designing customized based on the profile of each patient, realized through the utilization of laser technology This operation provide us best natural hair line which can’t noticed from outside.

- Huge documentation of our works available in the Websites.

If you wish to see please go through http://ahdclinic.com/category/support

- Meet and Assist: You will not feel lonely during or after the operation. We will provide you transportation you will be met by a driver (coordinated by AHD clinic) they will be holding a sign such as AHD CLINIC or patient name to take you either hotel or clinic