Risks and Complications

Micro Fue extraction technique is a safe system for your general health and a serious complication risk is almost zero after the operation and later on. We have been using this technique on our patients and we have not seen any surgical complication (i.e. bleeding, a sign of the operation, infection, etc.) not any of them. However, it is possible to be swelling around eyes during 2-3 days after the operation due to liquate of the local anesthesia on the face. The time of this swelling depends on how fast the liquate goes down from the scalp, but this swelling disappears by itself in a short time.


Local anesthesia can rarely cause sickness for a sensitive person in the first hours of its application. However, no need to do anything if this situation happens since the effect of it disappears by resting for a while.

Rarely, folliculate (inflammation) can be seen on the receiving area. Applying folliculate local antibiotic heals this inflammation. Even if it is very rare, there can be ingrowing hairs on the receiving area, and this can cause cyst. This issue can be solved easily by applying a small operation.

    • Micro FUE technique creates natural looking and healthy results. Therefore, patient satisfaction with this technique is very high.
    • A hair-transplantation is simply transplanting a patient’s own hairs from the back of the head or other part of the body to the receiving hairless areas. Currently, there is no any system to clone existing hairs to increase amount of them, but there are some researches working on it.
    • People who are planning to get a hair transplantation should know that it may not be possible to get a natural hair density with only one session hair-transplantaion for completely bald areas.
    • Generally, the expectation of density of a young person or people who has NW1 or NW2 hairloss sufferer is very high. This poeple should accept that their original hairs may continue to fall after the operation thererfore, might need other sessions to increase the density.
    • People who have NW6 or NW7 (i.e. large hairless area) pattern may need 2-3 sesssions to be satisfied with the density.
    • We advise people to do their research before deciding to have a hair-transplantation. We believe that people who have unrealistic expectations (e.g. expecting a density of a wig) should not have a hair-transplantation.
    • In the last 10 years, hair transplantation is one of the highest number of surgical operations. To have high satisfactions and successes from these hair-transplantations, true information and selecting right . Patients who are suitable for transplantations are some of the important factors. Therefore, it is patients’ responsibility to contact to clinics giving true and honest information to people.

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