Repairing Badly Conducted Hair

Repair Operations

When the hair transplantation was first applied, it has rapidly become a tremendous hope for hair loss sufferers. However, due to some technical problems or inexperienced clinics have been caused bad results, there are countless examples of bad transplantation. Therefore, some hair loss sufferers; hair transplantation has become horrible nightmare rather than hope.

Surgical Problems

FUT methods related problems:

  • In the donor area cut strip causes stretching the recipient area which make the forehead wider.
  • When the strip was divided into the grafts, there is a high chance of damaging the grafts and causing low yield rate.
  • Due to large size of the tissue attached in the grafts, implantation will look sparse.

FUE (Lateral Slit) Related Problems.

  • Since the grafts were harvested by using larger sized punches there will be noticeable scars in the donor area in this method.
  • So as to place the grafts, in this method, channels need to be large enough, therefore, after the full result obtained there will be unnatural looking front line as well as recipient area.

Note: Micro or Advanced FUE methods has been mostly eliminated above problems


How Repair works From Past to Future

With the advancement of new technology, smaller sized devises have been employed in the hair transplantation. Also, the crews are doing hair transplantation have been gaining more experience day by day. Therefore, nowadays, above problems are mostly eliminated. Particularly, in our clinic, with the help of Choi Pens we have been gaining unnoticeable, natural results constantly.


One of the challenging tasks in Hair Transplantation Industry are repairing the badly implanted grafts from another clinic. Repair requires adequate time and experience. In order to repair badly implanted grafts, we have to examine the donor capacity and make patient oriented plan to obtain optimum result for the patient

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