HT Clinic Overview

Our Clinic is located in İstanbul and Antalya in Turkey

Our Patient can stay at hospital for free during surgery. Our clinic also provides food

We have 2 consultation room and 2 surgery rooms

You can visit and for more informations.

We are serving in a safe environment and sterilize in our general hospitals

  • Our Hair transplantation team consists of experienced, knowledgeable, professional stuff who are dedicated to their job.
  • We are using new techno equipment with scientific methods which is effective and of Hair Transplant operation
  • FUE method is acceptable around the world also in TURKEY therefore we add our experience and own knowledge for doing our best.
  • We are using Micro punch of 0,7-0,8mm for extracting micro grafts without leaving any scar on your donor area also recovering period will be very short and fast.
  • Your donor area where we obtain the grafts, and your bald area where we implanting the grafts, will be natural appearance
  • In a session we are trying to achieve maximum number of grafts without disturbing the natural balance and appearance ( The patient who has enough grafts on his donor area also we can achieve 5000 grafts in a session without disturbing the natural balance and appearance)
  • After finish extracting process our patient has opportunity to see and counting his grafts.

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