No Shave Hair Transplantation



    • Hairs on the back of your head should be around 10 cm in length. First we hold up existing long hairs in donor and decide which region of donor area will be harvested. Then, we shave only this area which is 2-3 cm to grade 1 for harvesting. This is help to protect the follicles by helping the nurses to see the angles and extract the donor hair more efficiently.
    • With local anesthesia, we extract adequate number of grafts. When long hair released, donor area will be covered up. In that way, we extracted the grafts without sign of operation.
    • This non shave operation can be applied for around 1500 grafts since we shave only a part of the donor area. If the number of the grafts is not enough, another 2 cm area can be shaved on the donor area for extraction.
    • This non shaved method can be used for both women and men if their hair are long enough.


    • Hair length will be decide depending on the density of the receiving area. If existing hair density is less than 15 grafts/ per cm2, no need to short hair. if the density is higher than 15 grafts/ per cm2, to see the receiving area better and not to harm existing hair, it would be better to short hair as grade 4 ( 1.5 cm).
    • If the receiving area is front line or temple areas, no need to short hair.
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