What is Mesotherapy?

We can describe mesotherapy as the injection of nutrition to the head’s mesoderm layer and a supplementary treatment. In addition to hair loss treatment, mesotherapy can be used for basin, botox, etc. For each treatment, different chemical product are mixed and applied to the needed area.

The hair mesotherapy is a treatment such that the minerals, vitamins, some antioxidants, and proteins are needed for hair given by small one timed needles to the head. In this method, the nutritions are given to the roots of hairs directly. With this friendly treatment the hair cells are fed and the hair loss is , to some extent, prevented. The treatment can be done by manually or with robotic devices. To distribute the nutritions evenly in the head, the robotic, automated, devices are prefered. In the treatment, 2-4 mm sized needles are employed. Since it is not a surgical operation, it is widely accepted as painless treatment.

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