How the mesotherapy applied

The hair loss in common issue in the society, therefore, to treat this problem, many methods have been invented. For instance, hair transplantation, laser, etc have been widely used. To prevent the hair loss and strengthen the hairs, also, hair mesotherapy has been used. With the help of hair mesotherapy the mesoderm has been trigger and the hair loss is mostly prevented.

Before the mesotherapy, a specific massage tech, thermotherapy (giving vapour ) is applied to the head to make it softer.

In the mesotherapy, given chemical combinations are prepared based on the hair loss, hair strength, and hair type. In this combinations, there are vitamins and substances which increase the blood circumstance in the head. The combinations are injected to the mid layer of the head skin with sterilized micro injectors.

The mesotherapy is done by manually or a special designed devices. However, in manual method to distribute the chemical in to head evenly and arranging how many chemical are be used in one specific area are quite hard and time consuming. Therefore, computer originated technologies should be used. In that way, the dose of the medicine can be followed in the computer screen.

After the practice, the head should not be washed for a while and any chemical should not be sprayed into the head.

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