The minoxidil is an FDA approved lotion similar medicine that can be applied the head with massage. Women should use 2% version while men needs to use 5% version. It was first discovered to release the blood pressure but it was recognized that the minoxidil has side effect, which is hair growth from the body. Then, it was thought that the medicine should be used for hair loss. How it affects the growth is a dilemma for now. After stop using it, the hair loss will start again and the patient will wind up same position as before s(he) started using it. When it is used with in addition to Finasteride it affects better.

Based on the hair loss speed, it can be used 1-2 times in a day. It is applied to the hair loss region by directly spraying. It can be either in lotion or foam forms. After spraying, the patient should massage the with his fingers. After the massaging, the hands should be washed very well and it should be extra careful to not touch the eyes with hands before washing them. The medicine shows its effect in 4-6 months. The side effects of it are itching and redness in the head. When the patient sees those side effect, s(he) should stop the medicine for a while.

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