Finasteride is a medicine that trigger the enzyme which prevents the testosterone to become dihydrotestosterone, which causes the hair loss. The dihydrotestosterone is one of the causes of man type hair loss.

The Finasteride is one of the widest used medicine for hair loss. It is taken by mouth and in the form of tablet. It is more useful in the early stage of hair loss.

According to scientific experiments, after using Finasteride for 5 years, 90% of patients’ hairs are prevented. Also, it can be used as supplementary medicine after hair transplantation. Finasteride is especially crucial for those patients who are young and at the early stage of hair loss.

To prevent the hair loss, the medicine should be used at least a year. After long term useage, if the patient shop using it, then, the hair loss will start again.

The most known of its side effect is sexual functionality disorder. This medicine can be used both man and women however, since it causes pregnancy abnormality, the pregnant women should not use it.

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