With the advantages of implanter pen FUE Technique we had been obtained around thousands successful results during 5 years .

In our clinic beyond Hair Transplantation we perform beard restoration,eyebrow restoration and repair unnatural appearance and scars due to Hair Transplant or accident.


Our clinic is located on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean sea, in Turkey's green tourism capital of Antalya, just 50 mintues flight-time from the pollution of Istanbul. We strongly believe that the relaxing climate, friendly atmosphere, beautiful nature and the ease of getting around the city will benefit the recovery of our patients.

Beside Hair Transplantation We offer you luxury vacation.


Our staff performs 5+ hair transplantation procedures every week for the last 5 years. Our nurses and specialists are certified by national and international organizations, with an exceptional amount of experience behind their backs. Every aspect and all details have been thoroughly thought through and optimised. We place a great emphasis on team work — every member of our staff has a well-defined function, whether it is graft harvesting or patient care. All of this ensures the best results, minimal waiting times and the best patient experience possible.

HTC Clinic consists of experienced, knowledgeable and professional stuff. from technician to nurses and translators .

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