We use FUE to extract the grafts from the donor area. With this method, grafts are extracted one by one with 0.75 mm punches. We implants these grafts one by one to the hairless area with implanter pens. In one session, we transplant around 2000 grafts and split the operation into 2 or 3 days for the operations with higher number of grafts.

- Compared to the FUT, which creats a linear scar on the donor area, the healing process in FUE hair transplant takes less time since FUE is less invasive and does not involve cutting.

In our operations, we combine FUE transplant with implanter pen technique for natural looking results.

The advantage of FUE hair restoration: Minimal Scar, donor area heals in a shorter period. The restrictions of spor exercises after the operation are minimal. Grafts from other parts of the body can be used for the hair transplantation. No cutting or linear scar on the donor area.

Hair Transplantation for Women

- Women hair loss differs from men hair loss. For women, it usually appears as thinning, especially at the crown of the head. Compared to men, the chance of hair transplantation for women is lower because of hormonal reasons.

Before deciding about a hair transplantation for women, the hair intensity on the donor area & the quality of hair should be checked and also some blood tests should be done.

As for men, also for women with Andogenetic alopecia hairloss type can also have a hair transplantation.

Hair transplant surgery can be done with FUE or FUT and for these methods, there are some criterias. Patients diagnosed Andogenetic Alopecia are eligible for a hair transplantation if their hair density and quality are good enough.

Depending on a patient, FUT or FUE can be chosen. Combining these two methods is also possible.

Usually, it is not advised to have a hair transplant operation before the age of 25.

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