Implanter Pen Technique

In the traditional methods, the channels are opened by the help of a surgery knife or a needle and then grafts are placed into those channels with a pair of tweezers.

In those methods, the channels have to be large enough to place the new grafts. However, after the healing process those wide opened channels are going to be noticeable.

This type of implantation causes to demolish of the natural look and the implantation will be noticeable.

Hence, our clinic has been using the Pen technique, which is newer and more advanced technique than above described techniques.

  • The grafts, which are extracted by FUE technique, are placed into the Implanter Pens by the nurses.
  • The technicians implants the loaded grafts into the recipient area by using Implanter Pens like regular pens.
  • Since the pen's diameters are less than 1 mm
  • With this technique implantation can be done adequately without causing noticeable scars in the recipient area.
  • This technique also enables us to implant the grafts densely not only to the unshaved recipient area but also to the beard and moustache area.

Classic Implantation Techniques

It is a technique in which the channel will be shaped according to angles and length of the grafts.

In this technique the opened channels are shaped based on the grafts’ features. Hence, the results in this technique are very natural and dense looking. According to thickness of the grafts lancets are chosen and used.

First the grafts and hair thickness are examined and then based on the grafts thickness the specific lancets are prepared. With the help of deployed lancets, the doctor can give proper angles to the implanted grafts.

The channels were opened by those lancets have to be suitable for the grafts. Otherwise, results may not be as good as they were expected. Therefore, those lancets have to be used by experienced technicians or doctors in order to not harm the capillary vessels.

If this technique is not applied by experienced doctor or technicians, then, there is a high probability that there will some holes and bumps in the recipient area. In addition to that, this technique may cause the low yield due to channels’ closeness (since channel sizes have to larger than the grafts size). This will decrease the capability of dense packing.

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