Hair Transplantation Repairs

Case 1:

When this patient got his first hair transplantation, he had some hairs in the front area. However, he has been lost his native hairs since 2 years. As we can see, there randomly implanted 4/5 haired grafts in the front area. Since those grafts were implanted sparsely, this result seems very annoying. Hence, the patient has to go in public in a hat.


  • Badly implanted grafts are extracted by the help of (0.1,0.2,0.3 mm) punches without leaving scars
  • From harvested place to backward needed number of grafts are determined
  • In the case of lack donor, back the head, we use beard or chest hairs.
  • To eliminate the wounds we first implanted the 1 haired grafts into the place we extracted badly implanted grafts, with appropriate angle and direction.

Case 2

Since most of the formerly implanted grafts have not been yield right and left density has not been matched. Therefore, brushing and giving proper shape to hairs are really hard. Due to low density, the patient has been using topik in public.


  • Based on the face type and shape, the right and left temples are redesigned and hair line is drawn.
  • Grafts having wrong angles and direction are determined and marked to indicate that they need to be removed. Those grafts hard to re-harvest are planned to be camouflaged.
  • For above aims, needed grafts are calculated and donor, beard and chest are examined
  • Then, density is increased and camouflage has been done.

Result :

You can brush however you like your completely natural and dense looking hair. In our clinic, we successfully implement almost all kind of hair transplantation and repairs more than 10 years.

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