Hair Transplantation On Burn / Scar Area

Unfortunately, some people’s scalp burn and remained scar due to several of accidents so as an HT Clinic with improved Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method we perform Hair transplanting on burn scar area such as eyebrow, beard, mustache and scalp.

Base on HT Clinic policy for hair transplanting on burn scar area there is no guarantee that all implanting hair would be grow.

The main criteria has depends on how much damage that scalp got, we assume that scalp area has first or second degree burn and we perform hair transplant on to it so the success rate cannot be as higher as third degree burn.


Also beard hair is very useful for covering scar on back of head due to FUT surgery.

Note: This hair will never fall out ,it is your own hair you can trim and shave.

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