Post Operation Care

The main advantage of FUE that does not cause a linear scar. Therefore, it is useful and patients in the future, want to wear their donor area very short (1cm in length). This advantage is the main reason for the development of the technique.donor_healingWe advise our patients to follow the steps below after the operation:

( We give all medicines, lotions and shampoos after the operation)

  1. You will wear a hat after the operation. When you arrive your accomodatiion place, please take the hat off.
  2. Please make sure that the receiving area does not touch any place that can affect the transplanted grafts.
  3. You can sleep face up in the first night after the operation
  4. You can wear your hat to go out If you wish.
  5. No need any special protection for the donor areas. The bandage on the donor areas will be taken off next day after the operation.
  6. Please use the medicines such as pain killer as twice daily for the first 3 days after the operation.
  7. There may be some swelling on the face or around the eyes (oedema), but It will disapper in 2-3 days.
  8. You can start doing your daily activities next day. You can travel by flight or other transportations vehicles without any problem.
  9. You can do sexual activities 3 days after the operation.
  10. You can start heavy exercises 30 days after the operation.

Washing the transplanted hairs:

  1. Next day after the operation, wash your hairs. The purpose of this wash is cleaning the scalps and blood clots
  2. Please wait around 45 minutes after applying the moistiruzing lotions to the receiving area. Then wash your head with the shampoo and warm water to clean the lotion. We will give you the lotion and shampoo in the clinic.
  3. Please use warm water, also the pressure of the water should not be high.
  4. Please wash your head 1-2 times daily depending on your social activities. During the first week after the operation, use the lotion and wait 45 minutes before washing it.
  1. 2 days after the first wash, you can start using the top of your fingers gently on the receiving area to clean the crusts and blood clots.
  2. In the following weeks, you can apply slightly more pressure with your fingers while washing the receiving areas.
  3. The crusts on the receiving area should be gone around 7-10 days after the operation.
  4. After 10 days, if there are still some crusts, please let them fall by themselves.
  5. After the first wash, you can wash the donor area freely with the shampoo. You can use a moisturizing cream on the donor area if you wish.
  6. İn the first month after operation , Please stay away from sunshine and some hot places such as sauna .
  7. You can use a hat out of your home if you wish .

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