Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows are very important for appearance. For most people eyebrows are even more crucial than their hairs. The eyebrows attract the attention in the first glance since they are in the middle of our face. On the contrary of the hair loss, eyebrow loss is totally not natural and unacceptable cosmetically. The main reasons of eyebrow loss are triode diseases, burns, frequent plucking, etc. With those problems, the eyebrows may get thinner, lost or ruined by deficiencies. Eyebrow fixing is very similar to hair transplantation and a life time treatment for appropriate patients. Only difference of these two types of hair loss is eyebrow has characteristic of shape design. You can find more details in below link regarding eyebrow characteristic.

Eyebrow Anatomies and Physiology

Eyebrow hairs shape and angles differ in the different region of eyebrow. For instance, the hairs are closer to nose more the upfront direction, hairs are above in the upward direction while in this area the top region of the hairs are more in left and right direction. These directions make the unique characteristic of pick of the eyebrows. Density of hairs in the top of eyebrows gradually decreases to the end point of the eyebrows. Another unique feature of eyebrow hairs is they have very sharp angles on the contrary of the regular hairs. Therefore, same amount of grafts in eyebrows looks denser than regular hairs. The third characteristic of eyebrows are they have 1-haired grafts while normal hair may contain multiple hairs in a graft.

The fourth feature is the hairs length in the eyebrow are shorter, around 0.5-1.5 cm, and their life time is 4 months while regular hairs life time in between 3-7 years.

Eyebrows Implantation Technique

In the eyebrow transplantation, not only the direction of implanted grafts has to be considered but also the shape of the transplanted eyebrows has to be as original patient’s eyebrow shape since the eyebrows play very important roles facial gesture. During the operation, the thinnest devises have to be deployed and the grafts have to be one haired ones as well as the surgeons have to be really careful not to leave any surgery mark the eyebrows. When the grafts are implanted, we have to consider the natural contour of the original eyebrows and skin color. In addition to those parameters, we have to consider the type of the patient’s hairs, curly, straight, etc.

In Summary

- One haired grafts are used

- To give the natural contour, the angles have to arrange properly

- Tangent line has to be very low

- Natural angles and number of grafts have to fulfilled

Cosmetic Outcomes of Eyebrows Transplantation

Even though the eyebrow implantation is safe surgical operation, there are some precautions we have to take into account

* Since we extract the grafts from the back of the head (donor), those grafts will continue to grow in the eyebrows therefore, those grafts have to be trim and brush after start growing

* On the contrary of the head skin, the eyebrows skin is thinner. Hence, after the operation, there is a high chance of black eye, redness and swelling for 5-7 days.

For this time, the patient should use sunglasses to hide the operation remarks.

* Even with our today’s technology, the implanted eyebrow grafts won’t have sharp slope, therefore, the eyebrows hairs have to brushed with 5 degree angle after the start to grow so as to camouflage the angles

* Depending on where the grafts are harvested, they might vary in color, it should keep in mind that those grafts will adjust themselves by the time in terms of color and shape, however, till the grafts adjust themselves in the eyebrows, they can be colored and brushed

NOT: The exact result will be gained during 12 months. In this period, areas showing lack of the density can be brushed with other grafts and compact parts can be plucked.

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