Body Hair Transplant


Body Hair Transplant with FUE

The body hair transplantation is the general name of extracting grafts from chest, beard, and belly region implanting them into the head area. In general, those body grafts are used for those patients who do not have enough donor (back of the head) grafts by using appropriate extraction methods. The grafts implanted into the head region. In our clinic, we have been doing such body hairs transplantation for years successfully.

Usage of Beard Grafts

The grafts under the chin can be used diligently in the head

  1. From beard we can harvest 1000 to 3000 grafts in one session.
  2. After healing process which takes 15-20 days, due to extracted grafts there will be some sparse areas.
  3. The extraction will cause 30% of sparse look in the beard, the beard will still look natural
  4. The beard grafts are thicker than regular hair grafts but they contain 1-haired grafts only.
  5. Although the beard grafts are one haired, due to their thickness, they occupy more area than regular grafts. Even, we can say 1 beard grafts can occupy three times regular grafts do.
  6. Due to their nature, the beard grafts should not be used in the front area rather they should be implanted in the vertex or mid scalp

Other body grafts, such as, armpit, shoulder hairs, etc can be used , however we usually do not recommend to use them due to their low yield rate.

Usage of Chest Grafts

In the chest in between nipples, there are 3 cm square areas in which hairs are usually strong, healthy and characteristic of them are similar to hair grafts.

  1. From this region we can extract in between 300-1000 grafts
  2. The chest hairs are usually thinner than regular hairs. Therefore, we do not recommend using them alone. They should be used with beard or donor hairs as combination or into the hairy area to make this area denser
  3. The chest hairs as oppose to regular hairs can be curly and their direction under the skin do not go straight. Hence, they should be harvested very carefully

It should be remarked that the body grafts are vary in terms of color, life time, regeneration. Therefore, the advices which has given by the clinic should be followed.

In our clinic, in every two out of three operations, we use beard grafts and in every one out ten operations we use chest grafts successfully.

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