Beard Transplantation and Repair

beardsThe beard is one of crucial part of man face. Even, for some people, beard and mustache are more important than regular hairs. Beard or mustache lack or sparseness can be really annoying for some people and on the contrary of hair loss beard loss or lack are not natural at all.

The main reasons of beard loss are triode or systemic diseases, burns, tattoos, infections. Due to those diseases or causes the beard can completely lost or get thinner and damaged partially. The beard transplant is similar to hair transplant in many ways. Due to characteristic shape of beard, it might differ from hair transplant. You can find more detail about beard anatomy and physiology of beard in the link below:

Beard Anatomy and Physiology

The beard shapes are different with several region of the face. For instance, from front of ears to caw, the grafts grow to ground directions while in the neck region the grafts grow more upward. Another important characteristic of the grafts in beard that they are 1-haired grafts on the contrary of hair grafts, which might have multiple hairs in one graft. Also, the beard grafts are thicker than hair grafts and due to lack of keratin, in some regions; they might show curly and way features. On the contrary of hair grafts they grow from more skin near region. Therefore, they need to be placed sharper angled and based on the face contour.

Beard Implantation Technique

In the beard implantation, the most important thing we have to consider is the direction and angles of grafts as well as patients natural beard shape since beard shape is one of the crucial parts of facial expression and characteristic. During the operation, 1-haired grafts have to be used and the equipment, which is used in the operation, should be sharp and thin as well as we have to be extra careful to not leave surgery remark in the face, scars. The grafts will be implanted have to be chosen in a way that their curly or straight features can be employed in the contour of the face and the grafts have to be placed with small degree angles, slopes.

In Summary:

  1. To avoid corruption of the grafts when they grow, the direction have to be given properly
  2. 1-haired grafts are employed
  3. To mimic the contour of the beard, the grafts directions have to be proper
  4. Slope has to be sharp
  5. Natural grafts number and distribution have to be considered.

Cosmetic Results of Beard Transplantation

Even though the beard transplantation is safe procedure, before the operation there are some precautions we have to take it into account:

- Since the grafts are extracted from the head, the growth of original beard hairs and implanted hairs may differ. Therefore, from the time to time, the patient has to make the length of those hairs equal.

- The beard skin is thinner compare to head skin, hence, after the operation, the redness or blackness is likely in the skin of beard area. However, this is temporary and it will heal in a week and the surgery remark will heal in 15-20 days.

- The grafts are harvested may vary in color or shape depending on where they are extracted from. However, the grafts will adjust themselves in time. Till they are adjusted the patient can color or brush to camouflage the difference.

NOTE: It should be keep in mind that the full result will be obtained in a year.


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